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Panda hats have simply exploded onto the fashion scene in the past few months and believe it or not, its not just the kids who are getting into this cute trend. Teenagers, adults and even many grandparents have been spotted donning one of these lovely animal hats, and the appeal is quite clear.

Pandas invoke our affection all over the world and through every generation. They are cute, cuddly and loveable and represent a warmth and serenity unmatched through the animal kingdom.

The panda bear has received much exposure over the last few years. Under threat of extinction, there has been many more wonderful people stepping up to try save this beautiful species. With only an estimated 1,000 of these animals surviving in the wild, great emphasis has been put on scientific developments and charitable contributions.
All the controversy surrounding this endearing animal, has resulted in a boom in panda-styled fashions and accessories. We think the best reasoning for this is that many people who are reluctant to get involved in the charitable or scientific developments to help save the species, still want to show their support and appreciation for the panda bear, even if in an indirect way.
panda hats 2 Wearing panda hats is one of many great ways to help project the image of the panda and to show how much you care about their plight. After all, the first place most people notice is your head and what you are wearing on it. Panda hats are simply adorable, but functionality is obviously quite important to all of us too so whether its a panda hat with ears, earflaps, long gloves, tassels or even pom-poms you will find them all here.
We have created this useful website to assist anyone who is looking to find a great panda hat at a brilliant price, and with all the effort we have put in, we are quite certain that there is something that you will find which is perfect for your needs.
We have created categories to help you find what you are looking for fast. Many of these categories may have some crossover products but this should help you refine your product search. Here are some quicklinks pointing to the posts below;

fleece panda hat

Fleece panda hat – lightweight, breathable and ultra warm

panda hat with gloves Panda hat with gloves – a hat with long ears extending into gloves
panda hat with paws 1 Panda hat with paws – a hat with long ears extending into paw-print mittens
panda spirit hood 1 Panda spirit hood – the ultimate winter must-have, plush, warm and cuddly
long panda hat Long panda hat – styled with a long, plush scarf connected to the hat
knitted panda hat Knitted panda hat – adorable, warm and knitted for your pleasure
panda hat with ear flaps Panda hat with ear flaps – perfect fashion for warm head and ears
panda beanie hat Panda beanie hat – more traditional beanies in cute panda styles
Show your appreciation for the plight of the panda bear by grabbing your very own panda hat today. You will definitely bring a magical smile to everyone's faces around you, not to mention the great feeling you will get from helping provide this lovely animal with more much-needed exposure. Enjoy the site awesome panda lovers.

A fleece panda hat is a fabulous, lightweight choice when it comes to keeping your noggin warm through the chilly Winter months. The comfort of a fleece hat is just incredible and the fit usually nice and snug. Generally, these kinds of animal hats feature extremely soft material and are also fully lined inside for maximum comfort.

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panda hat with gloves is simply the latest Winter 'must-have' at the moment. Long panda hats like these have become a fashion statement of note, having gained a great deal of exposure from stars and festival-goers alike. These awesome hats are generally designed for all ages, so it doesn't matter whether its a gift for a small child, roudy teenager or a fun-loving adult. They will love these! 

After all, who doesn't love a panda bear? Just make sure to watch out when your cheeky mates try to feed you bamboo shoots!

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panda hat with paws 1

A panda hat with paws is a great fashion statement during Winter. This hat is generally designed with an attached scarf extending to some handy gloves at the ends. Those which are presented with a paw print on the inside hands, really do appeal to the imagination as if you had magically been transformed into a cute panda bear yourself!

The kids will especially love these fun and warm hats, but they really are fabulous for just about anyone.

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panda spirit hood 1


We present to you the internationally famous panda spirit hood, as worn by some of the biggest personalities and superstars on the planet! The spirit hood has been seen adorning the heads of no fewer than Pink, Katy Perry, Fergie, Keisha, Bruno Mars, Jared Leto and even Conan O'Brien gave it a whirl while hosting Vanessa Hudgens on his acclaimed talk show.

According to the original creators of the spirit hood there is a transformation that takes place when you wear a SpiritHood. The experience is un-definable, and completely unique to each person…

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The long panda hat is a great addition to your Winter wardrobe. Please feel free to visit the 'panda spirit hood' section to find many styles and designs to suit your tastes.

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A knitted panda hat is absolutely brilliant for the colder fall months and winter climates. Many of these hats  are designed with earflaps, dangling braids and even pom poms. You will look cool and keep warm at the same time. A knitted panda hat is generally so snug and comfortable you will hardly want to take it off! A great buy for kids, teens and adults alike.

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A panda hat with ear flaps or toggles is a perfect Winter warmer when you are out and about in the colder months. These hats are not only practical for keeping your head and ears warm, but come in a wide variety of cute and stylish designs which create joy for the wearer and everyone else too!

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A panda beanie hat gives you a very trendy and unique look during the colder months. With many variations of this hat made from many different materials, you are bound to find something here that suits your sense of fashion and your pocket too.

As for the kids, well they will love their little hats so much that you will have to yank them off their heads at bedtime.

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