panda hat with paws 1

A panda hat with paws is a great fashion statement during Winter. This hat is generally designed with an attached scarf extending to some handy gloves at the ends. Those which are presented with a paw print on the inside hands, really do appeal to the imagination as if you had magically been transformed into a cute panda bear yourself!

The kids will especially love these fun and warm hats, but they really are fabulous for just about anyone.

A panda hat with paws is normally designed to be luxuriously soft and extemely comfortable and can be made from various materials. Some of the best quality hats are made of quality plush fabric and fleece lining, which not only feels snug and soft on your head and neck, but the fleece allows a great deal of breathability. This is especially useful when getting active.
These marvellous panda hats have an extremely unique and stylish appearance, and have been known to be worn by trend-setters far and wide. They are suitable for both young and old, male and female, and go down a treat at parties, in the home, festivals, out on the street or even at school in the Winter. People have been spotted wearing a panda hat with paws while out shopping or even on the slopes at your favourite ski resort. 
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panda hat with paws 3

If you want to show your appreciation for the beautiful panda, these hats will definitely grab attention everywhere you go, and you will find tons of strangers begging to know where they can get one. A panda hat with paws naturally makes a fantastic gift for your friends, kids, or any other relatives and gives the gift of great warmth while being so much fun to wear.

A great idea is to grab a panda hat with paws for your fancy dress outfit, and you will most certainly inject some conversation and a great energy into the party! 
Keeping your head, neck and hands warm, your panda hat is ideal for all winter outdoor activities like snowboarding and playing in the snow. You will find a comprehensive selection of panda hats with paws below which we know you will love and snap up right away.