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We present to you the internationally famous panda spirit hood, as worn by some of the biggest personalities and superstars on the planet! The spirit hood has been seen adorning the heads of no fewer than Pink, Katy Perry, Fergie, Keisha, Bruno Mars, Jared Leto and even Conan O'Brien gave it a whirl while hosting Vanessa Hudgens on his acclaimed talk show.

According to the original creators of the spirit hood there is a transformation that takes place when you wear a SpiritHood. The experience is un-definable, and completely unique to each person…

It seems the spirit hood has totally transformed the way many people all over the world think about Winter fashion. The panda spirit hood is among these revolutionary products causing a stir all over the place and we just love them because they bring style, comfort and freedom together in the image this long panda hat is created with. 
The company who manufactures the original, genuine spirit hood says this about their panda variety;
"The panda spirit hood – Panda Bears are great cuddlers! They are affectionate, simple and caring creatures often preferring solitude to an overly social life. People with the Panda Spirit are strong and unique creatures."
Authentic spirit hoods range from $79-$150 depending on design and genre, and are made with the best quality faux fur in the USA. In their manufacture, animals are most definitely not harmed, but when you wear a genuine spirit hood it truly feels and looks real. The faux fur is 100% Acrylic and the lining is 100% Cotton. Each panda spirit hood has its own unique characteristics and charm, from ears to buttons and no two hoods are identical. You get what you pay for, and what you get with a spirit hood is a unique handcrafted quality item made in the US economy which feels plush and luxurious, lasting you a lifetime.
Since the spirit hood exploded onto the fashion scene there have obviously been many long panda hat replica products seen on the market, so don't be upset if you cannot quite afford the genuine thing as we have sourced some decent alternatives below to suit every pocket. Naturally as you have read above, you will not get the same quality as with the authentic panda spirit hood but you will still get some great wear out of your choice for sure.
Treat yourself to something magical and spiritual this Winter and you will not regret it. Enjoy our comprehensive selection of panda spirit hoods and other varieties of the long panda hat below. We hope you have fun with your new spirit this Winter!


Unfortunately this product is currently out of stock, but please click the image below for some other amazing authentic Spirithoods:

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