panda hat with gloves is simply the latest Winter 'must-have' at the moment. Long panda hats like these have become a fashion statement of note, having gained a great deal of exposure from stars and festival-goers alike. These awesome hats are generally designed for all ages, so it doesn't matter whether its a gift for a small child, roudy teenager or a fun-loving adult. They will love these! 

After all, who doesn't love a panda bear? Just make sure to watch out when your cheeky mates try to feed you bamboo shoots!

A panda hat with gloves will definitely add a bounce to anyone's step and a smile to everyone's faces. These stylish hats really make you stand out from the crowd. Designed either as a hat/gloves combo or a 1-piece featuring long ears with gloves built in at the ends, this is a fabulous warm choice for making you feel a little fun this Winter.
The unique design of the 1-piece variety is that you can use the long bits on the side as a scarf as well, which makes these hats extremely versatile. With this 3 in 1 style, a panda hat with gloves is the coolest and silliest way to keep warm during the cold months. You will not be missed by all your friends when flying down the ski-slope this Winter! 
These panda hats also for make great gifts and if you're invited to a fancy dress party, they make a perfect complement to your whacky outfit.

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They are manufactured in many different materials, including wool, polyester, faux fur and fleece so there are so many choices depending on what you fancy. Don't forget that if you intend to don one of these hats when being active, you should choose a fleece-lined hat because fleece generally breathes a bit better than other materials.
Some of these hats are designed with pawprints or even chunky, furry paws so you can finally say goodbye to those drab gloves in your wardrobe. We are quite sure that you will love our selection below and know you will enjoy wearing these trendy hats this Winter. 



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