A fleece panda hat is a fabulous, lightweight choice when it comes to keeping your noggin warm through the chilly Winter months. The comfort of a fleece hat is just incredible and the fit usually nice and snug. Generally, these kinds of animal hats feature extremely soft material and are also fully lined inside for maximum comfort.

Most variations of the fleece panda hat are usually thick, warm and breathable making them a great choice for outdoor activities like snow sports and pummeling your friends with snowballs, without to much worry about getting your head cold or wet!
A word about fleece:
Fleece is a soft, insulating, synthetic fabric which is extremely lightweight. This strong pile fabric is meant to mimic and surpass wool, and has some of wool's finest qualities but weighs but a fraction of the lightest available woolens.
Green-conscious customers can rejoice! A very interesting fact about fleece is that it can be made partially from recycled plastic bottles. Awesome sustainable choice for the preservation of our lovely planet!
The main advantages of fleece as a fabric:
– Fleece is soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable
– Fleece is water-repellent and it retains insulating power even when wet
– Fleece is highly breathable, making it incredibly useful for active wear
– Fleece is machine-washable and tends to dry quickly
– Fleece is a great alternative to wool, perfect for people who have wool allergies
– Fleece can be made out of recycled PET bottles, or even recycled fleece making it a great green choice



So the next time someone asks about your amazing fleece panda hat, you know exactly what to tell them! These cheeky and cute hats are sure to make your friends and family envious to no end. They can be stored pretty easily in your suitcase or even your pocket for your next snowboarding or ice-skating trip.
Check out our carefully researched selection below. We know you find a fleece panda hat to suit your sense of style and budget.


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